Jeera Treat

HITKARY PHARMACY brings to you the “Rich Aroma of the Mughal Era”, packed as sharbats. Fine blend of centuries old nature's best summer coolers and their unique, traditional formulation will soothe you on any hot summer day. Experience the bliss.............. HITKARY JEERA TREAT, a goodness packed delightful drink to chill you off in summer. Helps in keeping th body cool and boosts digestion.
Serving Suggestions: Mix one part of HITKARY JEERA TREAT in four parts of iced water or with club soda.
Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Lemon juice 10% (Black salt, Rock salt, Jeera, Black pepper, Saunth) 4.7%, Acidity Regulator (INS 330), Preservative (INS 211)
Nutritional Information
This is a Vegetarian product.