Kaala Khatta Fun

HITKARY KAALA KHATTA, a house hold name as the fun flavour for lick lollies and summer special chuskis. Yummy & tangy mixture of assorted spices, cumin powder, black salt, ginger etc. serves as an excellent remedy for indigestion as well.
Serving Suggestions: Mix one part of HITKARY KAALA KHATTA FUN in four parts of iced water.
Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Lemon juice 14%, Jamun pulp 11% (Black salt, Cumin powder, Ginger powder, Assorted spices) 4%, Acidity regulator (INS 330, INS 331, INS 334), Preservative (INS 211) and Synthetic food colours (INS 110, INS 122, INS 124, INS 133).
Nutritional Information
This is a Vegetarian product.