Mazing Mango

HITKARY PHARMACY presents Mazing Mango, All season, mango all season mango treat. MAZING MANGO (mango fruit syrup), a popular thirst quencher, is an amazing blend of ripe juicy mangoes, brought together to create a tempting beverage. Enjoy and make memories as the refreshing taste also serves as a great flavour for mocktails, cocktails, ice candies, smoothies etc.
Serving Suggestions: Mix one part of HITKARY MAZING MANGO fruit syrup with four parts of iced water.
Ingredients: Sugar, Mango pulp 25%, Water, Acidity regulator (INS 330, INS 331), Preservative (INS 211) and Synthetic food colours (INS 102, INS 110)
Nutritional Information
This is a Vegetarian product.