Thandai Mixture

HITKARY PHARMACY brings to you the “Rich Aroma of the Mughal Era”, Thandai Mixture. Filled with the goodness/extract of nature's best summer coolers. A chilled glass will sooth you on any hot summer day. Experience the bliss. Hitkary Thandai Mixture a delectable healthy powdered Beverage Mix is known for its goodness packed properties. Enjoy the mix of hand picked natural ingredients in an all natural way.
Serving Suggestions: Add 3 leveled table spoons of Hitkary Thandai Mixture to a glass of chilled Milk (200ml.). Stir well. Refreshing Thandai with all its goodness is ready to serve and enjoy.
Ingredients: Sugar, White Pepper, Black Pepper, Almonds, Pista, Saffron Leaves, Khas Khas, Cucumber & Melon Seeds, Cardamom, Fennel Seeds. Contains permitted natural color (INS 100 (ii)) and added flavours, natural & nature identical flavouring substances (Rose), Contains no Fruit Juice.
Nutritional Information
This is a Vegetarian product.